#12 Jesus is Psychedelic | Jackee Stang

November 3, 2020
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Jackee talks about life during a pandemic as ‘strange and scary’ and how it has exposed the cracks in society – which is important to acknowledge (1:55)

Jackee describes using psychedelics and ketamine to help break the bubble of anxiety to create space between her default neuro-network. (6:10)

Jackee talks about how her anxiety is related to epigenetics, and her hope for psychedelics to study the phenomena (9:10)

Because the brain is powerful and stubborn psychedelics help Jackee explore her thoughts –while staying on top of her mental health (11:10)

Jackee talks about her first experience with ketamine as a club kid, and her rediscovery many years later with IV ketamine in a clinic. It was ‘legitimately impactful’ (13:00)

Ketamine is a life hack, that allows her to quiet the doubt monster and create a new neuropathway. Concepts of death and consciousness consume her thoughts while on ketamine (16:30)

In the psychedelic conversation, understanding your personal tether is important during exploration. It is what you want it to be, and you can play with it (20:00)

Jackee talks about her religious upbringing, and how it helped her realize that ‘Jesus is Psychedelic’ while on an ayahuasca journey; reconnecting and reconciling without shame (23:00)

Jackee describes working with Dave Asprey at Bulletproof during her early career as one of the most fun experiences of her professional life (27:20)

Jackee talks about creating and running Delic Corp – and how she’s comfortable in the driver’s seat after leaving ‘High Times’ (29:50)

How the pandemic has forced Jackee to confront what thought leadership actually looks like and what it’s really about. (33:30)

About Ronan

An entrepreneur and a visionary, Ronan is one the founders of Field Trip – with a mission to bring the world to life through psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. Concurrent with his work at Field Trip, he is a partner at Grassfed Ventures, a venture capital and advisory firm focused on the cannabis and biotech industries and is Chief Strategy Officer and Member of the Board of Directors for Trait Biosciences Inc., a leading biotech company in the hemp and cannabis industries. Prior to his current roles, Ronan co-founded Canadian Cannabis Clinics and CanvasRx Inc., the latter of which was acquired by Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) in 2016, after which he served as Senior Vice President, Business and Corporate Affairs for Aurora. A lawyer by training, Ronan started his career as a corporate lawyer at Blake, Cassels Graydon LLP and Legal Counsel at CTVglobemedia Inc. (now Bell Media Inc.) He holds a Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, both from the University of Toronto.