#23 The Hippies Were Right | Dr. Julie Holland

April 27, 2021
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2.20 - Why Julie identifies as an “MD”

3.30 - How Julie integrates biology with the spirituality and emotions in psychiatry

5.06 - The stigmatization of the word “soul” in the medical profession

6.54 - Julie discusses the debate between dualist vs. materialist - whether our brain comes from our soul or our soul comes from our brain. 

9.14 - Julie describes the adolescent brain and how it relates to her psychedelic advocacy.

10.50 - Dominique discusses the impact of the soul in her work. 

13.30 - Julie discusses profound experiences and psychedelics’ ability to promote dishabituation.

15.00 - Julie shares her thoughts on Ketamine.

16.46 - Dominique chimes in with her thoughts on Ketamine therapy.

17.46 - Julie opens up about how it feels to see cannabis and psychedelic medicines come to the spotlight.

19.18 - Julie’s perspective on dyad relationships and couplehood.  

20.34 - Julie discusses the feedback she received from her book title “Moody Bitches” and explains yin and yang energy. 

24.48 - The implications of the imbalance between yin and yang energies in today’s society. 

26.28 - Ronan’s reflection.

29.30 - Julie shares what she will likely be focusing on next in her research.

31.39 - Julie discusses her thoughts on today’s psychedelic renaissance. 

34.00 - Dominique shares her thoughts on today’s psychedelic renaissance. 

35.29 - Ronan, Julie, and Dominique discuss the need for equitable access to psychedelic therapies. 

37.34 - How labels create narratives about who a person is. 

38.54 - Dominique explains how trauma responses work. 

39.33 - Julie shares her thoughts on the trauma COVID-19 is creating and the difference in reactions.

42.00 - How Julie has dealt with the pandemic.

43.05 - The awarenesses that have come up for Dominique during the pandemic. 

45.35 - Julie’s most influential lessons from psychedelic experiences.

47.02 - Dominique’s most profound consciousness-expanding experiences. 

50.37 - Ronan’s key takeaways. 



About Ronan

An entrepreneur and a visionary, Ronan is one the founders of Field Trip – with a mission to bring the world to life through psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. Concurrent with his work at Field Trip, he is a partner at Grassfed Ventures, a venture capital and advisory firm focused on the cannabis and biotech industries and is Chief Strategy Officer and Member of the Board of Directors for Trait Biosciences Inc., a leading biotech company in the hemp and cannabis industries. Prior to his current roles, Ronan co-founded Canadian Cannabis Clinics and CanvasRx Inc., the latter of which was acquired by Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) in 2016, after which he served as Senior Vice President, Business and Corporate Affairs for Aurora. A lawyer by training, Ronan started his career as a corporate lawyer at Blake, Cassels Graydon LLP and Legal Counsel at CTVglobemedia Inc. (now Bell Media Inc.) He holds a Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, both from the University of Toronto.