#58 Summer of Love in Davos | Maria Velkova, Maya Albert & Marik Hazan

June 14, 2022
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After a trip to Davos, Ronan sits with the organizers of the "Psychedelic Medicine House of Davos," the first ever psychedelic-focused satellite event in conjunction with the World Economic Forum. Event organizers Marik Hazan, Maria Velkova and Maya Albert join Ronan to discuss what it takes to host an international event openly centered around psychedelics – which are still illegal in many countries around the world. The House aimed to shift perspectives, build credibility, and normalize psychedelics as medicines within the epicenter of the international business community. And by most accounts, it was the talk of the town.The team you will meet on this episode is driven, inspiring, and truly helping the world in our "great awakening."

Watch all the talks from the Psychedelic Medicine House of Davos here: https://www.altrd.tv/shows/psyched-davos-sessions



About Ronan

Ronan Levy is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur and visionary with a penchant for questioning paradigms and convention, and in their place seeking truth and impact. A husband, father of two boys, and repeated executive and founder of leading companies in the cannabis and psychedelic industries— including Trait Biosciences, Aurora Cannabis Inc, and now Field Trip Health & Wellness— Ronan’s ten-plus-year internal growth journey has been paramount in staying centered and balanced while executing on a groundbreaking vision to change the landscape of mental health. From this journey, one lesson he’s internalized is the beauty in seeing life through fresh eyes, like that of a curious child, and he hopes to extend that lens to all and bring the world to life through Field Trip Health’s psychedelic therapies and technology.